Life gets in the way, preventing you from attending service. Maybe you missed something during the sermon. Either way we have you covered.

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A Calm In The Storm

Download MP3 Notes calm – freedom from disturbance; at peace. mastered – to direct it right; to be subdued. Matthew 6:26  

Keeping It Together

Download MP3 Notes Favor – well approved. Tenacity – determination, persistence. Yielding – giving way under pressure. Verses Genesis 41:37 Luke 1:37 Galatians 6:9 2 Chronicles 15:7 Matt 19:26

Bro Colby Norris 12-2-15

Wednesday evening service with our young Guest speaker Bro Colby Norris from Calvary Baptist Church.

He’s A Turn Around God

Sunday Morning, November 29th, 2015. View post for notes & download.

A Vessel More

“A Vessel More”, is broken into two parts due to length.